• Closing the CoD 1.1 Team!


    Hey guys,
    we decided to close our CoD 1.1 Team as the game is now almost dead and really inactive, also most of us are in-/semi-active or left cod completely.

    Therefore we want to give our active players the possibility to join another active clan in the last days of cod1. We probably still play and sign up for cups in the future if enough players of us are interested.

    We are in contact, we just focus more on other games like Pubg or some incoming games like Battalion1944 or whatever. Note: We are still playing together other games, we are still a community just not in CoD 1.1 anymore.

  • Recruitment Update!

    openWith two Players less and some more a bit inactive, we want to repeat that our RECRUITMENT IS STILL ON! If you think you got what it takes to join our team, go and apply!

  • New PUBG Team!

    pubgWe decided to open up a Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds Squad as a lot of us are playing it at the moment. You can’t join/apply for that team, you can just join if you apply for our Call of Duty 1.1 Team. But feel free to join our Teamspeak to play with us!

  • Team Update for August & September 2017!

    Our newsupdate for the month August. Here some Call of Duty 1.1 announcements:

    A new addition to our team:

    cropped-user-512.png  We want to welcome DK Philip “fuzioN” as new trial, some of us know him already from 1.5, he showed activity and is a nice guy. Goodluck, keep it up!


    Now to the guys who left our Team:

    red-arrow-images-101634 After some intern clanvoting we decided, that our current Trial FI Ruotsalainen “cheekzR” Eero didnt pass his trialtime. You were really active in the beginning, after some weeks you became more and more inactive, just joined our teamspeak for a few seconds and left instantly. Another reason is, that you are currently banned on the THiNK-Website and also on the 1.5 EURO-Servers for your attidude. We cant tolerate such behaviour here. Sorry, goodluck finding another team!


    red-arrow-images-101634 Also  fr Alberto “davii” d.G. left our team. Thank you for the 11 months we played together, could have been some more.


    Thats it for now, see you next month!


  • Exi2s-Gaming 1st Birthday & New Logo!

    We can proudly celebrate our first birthday! Exactly one year ago, on the 29th of July 2016, Exi2s-Gaming was founded by Jannus, Blub and Apex.

    We took a active part in every cup, league & tournament and became a stable and active Team in the past 12 months. 

    We played hundreds of wars and won a lot of them, and we were nearly every week active. A few Players joined and left our Team but the main part stayed loyal and is still with us. 

    Thanks a lot for that and lets look forward into another few years!

  • Team Update for Mai, June & July 2017!

    After some time of inactivity on this site (my fault aswell), a small team update for you!

    First the additions to our Team:

    cropped-user-512.pngOur former Co-Leader Netherlands exi2s.nl Jan “J4NNUS” d.W. is finally back active and will get back his spot as Co-Leader besides Freak & Blub!


    cropped-user-512.pngThe second addition is Germany Kevin “r1zle”, a former and known player from Call of Duty 1.5. He is trial for now and if he is a bit more active, probably member soon!


    Now to the guys who left our Team:

    red-arrow-images-101634  We decided to remove croatia Igor “SK1PPYO” F. from our Team. He is inactive since a half year now and there is no sign from him that he will ever come back. Good Luck in your real-life!


    Thats it for now, see you in a few weeks!

  • Team Update for March & April 2017!

    It is time for a new post about our team, this post is including two months as i wasnt that active and we had not much changes in our team the past few weeks.

    We are now trying to post our funwar-results again and to keep them up-to-date, you can check them at “Results”. Big thanks for the technical support to supeR & nKO!


    First the additions to our team:

    We had no additions to our team, but we have currently 3 players on trial, so a decision there will follow soon.

    Now to the guys who left our team:

    red-arrow-images-101634We decided to completely remove Germany Tobias “EAGLE”J. from our team, as it seems that he is not interested in this team and Call of Duty 1 anymore. You can re-apply if you come back, but i doubt that you will ever read this. Goodluck in reallife Tobi, stay healthy!

    red-arrow-images-101634We also moved croatia exi2s.hr Igor “SK1PPYO”F. to inactive members, as he was inactive in the past. If you are more active again, i will move you back to our active line-up.


  • Team Update for February 2017!

    Some things changed in the past months, therefore i will go on with the news. As most of you already know, a lot of members are inactive, for different reasons, therefore we decided to open our recruitment again, to make sure that our team stays active.

    I will start with a promotion this month:

    grünpfeilWe decided to promote Germany Freak to our new Co-Leader of Exi2s-Gaming. Jannus is inactive from now on and Freak was one of our first members, showed instant activity over already 6 months, played nearly every cupmatch and he is also very interested and integrated in the Call of Duty 1.1 Community. Well deserved man, congratz!


    First the additions to our team:

    There were no additions to our team in the past month, as our recruitment was closed.

    Now to the guys who left our team:

    red-arrow-images-101634     Our newest member Germany Yaars! decided to leave our team to join his old clan again. Good luck there!

    Following members where moved to inactive members, as they will be inactive in the future or were inactive in the past.

    red-arrow-images-101634     Netherlands  exi2s.nl Jan “J4NNUS”d.W.

    red-arrow-images-101634     Germany  exi2s.ger Tobias “EAGLE”J. 

    red-arrow-images-101634     Germany  exi2s.ger Marcello “N!GHTY”W.

    If they are active again, i will move them back in our active and current line-up.



  • Recruitment Update!

    openAs a lot of members are inactive at the moment, we decided to OPEN our recruitment again! If you think you re good enough, apply!