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24/10/2017 3:20 pm  

~ In-game name: algrrR:>

~ Previous in-game names: Algeria

~ Full Name: Ailane Adel

~ Steam-ID?: i dont have one

~ Age (15+ with exceptions): 16

~ Location: Algeria

~ Previous clans and why you left them: clanless

~ English skills: Good.

~ Do you have teamspeak3 and a mic: yes i have them.

~ Best achievements (clanbase, cups or/and ladders): i havn't played any .

~ Why do you want to join exi2s?: because i'm not in a clan right now and i know fuzion

~ Do you have a working Veritas AC?: yes

~ Extra information (tell us about your real life and gaming history): well i live near the beach its cool here . i have an average PC 4 gigs ram i3 prosesor realtek soundcard and intel HD graphics .

~ Why should we consider you: i'm a friendly guy and i want to be a member of this clan and i'm not much skilled .

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24/10/2017 3:21 pm  

Good luck mate! 

Be active on TS 😉 

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24/10/2017 4:25 pm  

Good luck Mate 🙂


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