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[/DECLINED]Application by $DMN  


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01/05/2017 11:32 am  

 ~ In-game name:$DMN

~ Previous in-game names:BoY.croatian boy 

~ Full Name:Ante

~ Age (15+ with exceptions):15 will be for 1 monh 15+

~ Location:Croatia

~ Previous clans and why you left them:curious,extra,evicted,superstar and more...

~ English skills:good

~ Do you have teamspeak3 and a mic:YEZZZZ

~ Best achievements (clanbase, cups or/and ladders):no

~ Why do you want to join exi2s?:Great guys and nice teamwork 😀

~ Do you have a working Veritas AC?:have problem with ac but i i'll fix it

~ Extra information (tell us about your real life and gaming history):Im Ante comming from croatia.My playing since is 2014.I have 15 years old and that's it 😀

~ Why should we consider you:idk

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02/05/2017 7:06 pm  

Sorry but you are not what we re currently looking for, goodluck in another team.


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