Team Update for November 2016!

We had a lot of changes in the past weeks, therefore i will go on with the additions:

user-512We want to welcome fr “DAVII” as Full-Member to the clan. He is friendly, funny, skilled and he is waiting a long time already, 4 weeks i guess, so it was time for that. Congratz mate, you finally made it!

user-512We also can announce two Trials. Lets start with croatia “SK1PPYO”, he was one of the first guys i met in 1.1 a few months ago, he is a friendly, matured and also a good and active player, therefore the decision was easy for us.

user-512Our second Trial is croatia “LOVEE”, for the same reasons as already mentioned in the sentences before. Congratz guys, be patient, loyal, active and stay like you are and you will be Full-Member in no time!

We also have two guys who left our Team:

red-arrow-images-101634We decided to go on without Portugal “B00NER” by agreement, he understood our decision and we wish him the best of luck in his reallife and maybe in another clan in Call of Duty 1, hope to see ya ingame soon Tiago!

red-arrow-images-101634Also croatia “VOSAK” decided to leave his trial because of some internal problems that i cant really understand but nevermind. Goodluck in your reallife and CoD, it was a short but good time, sad to see you go!

Thats it for now, the next Team Update is coming soon!


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