Team Update for December 2016!

Another little team update, i will start with the additions to our team:

user-512We are glad that another old 1.5 player joined our team, welcome our second frenchie fr “DEIVID”! Jannus and me already played with him together in a team in 1.5, so he was not really unknown for us. Welcome mate, you finally made it!

user-512Also another german player, who is more drunk than a homeless russian passed his trialtime successfully. Congratulations Germany “TERROR”, you are full member aswell and now a part of our team!

Now to the man who left our team:


We decided that croatia “LOVEE” did not pass his trialtime. You are a really nice guy, you are active and a good player. But you are a little bit “quiet” and shy in teamspeak, you dont speak and call positions that much. Not a big problem to be honest but we also need keep our team as small as possible and that makes it very hard to actually join us. We know that you have been waiting since weeks, but you can be sure that it was probably the most difficult decision for us to decline you. Sorry mate, goodluck elsewhere! I hope we will see you ingame soon!

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    Hail Aphacks!

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