Team Update for August & September 2017!

Our newsupdate for the month August. Here some Call of Duty 1.1 announcements:

A new addition to our team:

cropped-user-512.png  We want to welcome DK Philip “fuzioN” as new trial, some of us know him already from 1.5, he showed activity and is a nice guy. Goodluck, keep it up!


Now to the guys who left our Team:

red-arrow-images-101634 After some intern clanvoting we decided, that our current Trial FI Ruotsalainen “cheekzR” Eero didnt pass his trialtime. You were really active in the beginning, after some weeks you became more and more inactive, just joined our teamspeak for a few seconds and left instantly. Another reason is, that you are currently banned on the THiNK-Website and also on the 1.5 EURO-Servers for your attidude. We cant tolerate such behaviour here. Sorry, goodluck finding another team!


red-arrow-images-101634 Also  fr Alberto “davii” d.G. left our team. Thank you for the 11 months we played together, could have been some more.


Thats it for now, see you next month!


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