Team Update for February 2017!

Some things changed in the past months, therefore i will go on with the news. As most of you already know, a lot of members are inactive, for different reasons, therefore we decided to open our recruitment again, to make sure that our team stays active.

I will start with a promotion this month:

grünpfeilWe decided to promote Germany Freak to our new Co-Leader of Exi2s-Gaming. Jannus is inactive from now on and Freak was one of our first members, showed instant activity over already 6 months, played nearly every cupmatch and he is also very interested and integrated in the Call of Duty 1.1 Community. Well deserved man, congratz!


First the additions to our team:

There were no additions to our team in the past month, as our recruitment was closed.

Now to the guys who left our team:

red-arrow-images-101634     Our newest member Germany Yaars! decided to leave our team to join his old clan again. Good luck there!

Following members where moved to inactive members, as they will be inactive in the future or were inactive in the past.

red-arrow-images-101634     Netherlands Jan “J4NNUS”d.W.

red-arrow-images-101634     Germany  exi2s.ger Tobias “EAGLE”J. 

red-arrow-images-101634     Germany  exi2s.ger Marcello “N!GHTY”W.

If they are active again, i will move them back in our active and current line-up.



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