Team Update for January 2017!

hnyHappy New Year to all! I hope you will all stay healthy, there is nothing more important. I also hope  that this team and Call of Duty 1.1 will still be as active as last year, but lets go on with the teamnews.

First the additions to our team:

user-512We are happy that Germany N!ghty is back active again, some of us (Jannus, Blub, Buzz, Alex, Apex) already played several years together in 1.5 in a team, so there was no trial needed as we already know him very good. Welcome to our team Nighty!

user-512The second addition is our italian guy it M![r()p()!nt. He is a nice, active and skilled guy, so there wasn t any reason to decline him. Congratz mate, welcome to our team, you deserved it! (PS: Please send us some pizza!)

user-512Our third and last addition is – what a suprise – another fucking german, welcome Germany Yaars! This guy eat so much pussies, so there was no other option left except to take him in our team. Also he is a nice and good player, but try to be nice to non-germans. (Little wnb-nazi 😉 )

Now to the guys who left our team:

Nobody left us this month, so we are a really big and active team now, i hope it will stay like that. Keep it up!

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