Team Update for Mai, June & July 2017!

After some time of inactivity on this site (my fault aswell), a small team update for you!

First the additions to our Team:

cropped-user-512.pngOur former Co-Leader Netherlands Jan “J4NNUS” d.W. is finally back active and will get back his spot as Co-Leader besides Freak & Blub!


cropped-user-512.pngThe second addition is Germany Kevin “r1zle”, a former and known player from Call of Duty 1.5. He is trial for now and if he is a bit more active, probably member soon!


Now to the guys who left our Team:

red-arrow-images-101634  We decided to remove croatia Igor “SK1PPYO” F. from our Team. He is inactive since a half year now and there is no sign from him that he will ever come back. Good Luck in your real-life!


Thats it for now, see you in a few weeks!

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