Team Update for March & April 2017!

It is time for a new post about our team, this post is including two months as i wasnt that active and we had not much changes in our team the past few weeks.

We are now trying to post our funwar-results again and to keep them up-to-date, you can check them at “Results”. Big thanks for the technical support to supeR & nKO!


First the additions to our team:

We had no additions to our team, but we have currently 3 players on trial, so a decision there will follow soon.

Now to the guys who left our team:

red-arrow-images-101634We decided to completely remove Germany Tobias “EAGLE”J. from our team, as it seems that he is not interested in this team and Call of Duty 1 anymore. You can re-apply if you come back, but i doubt that you will ever read this. Goodluck in reallife Tobi, stay healthy!

red-arrow-images-101634We also moved croatia Igor “SK1PPYO”F. to inactive members, as he was inactive in the past. If you are more active again, i will move you back to our active line-up.


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