Team Update for October 2016!

We have a new addition to our team:

user-512We are glad to announce that Netherlands “R1FLE” is a Full-Member from now on. He was very active during his App- and Trialtime, he is a good, mature and nice person and played a lot of wars with us, therefore the decision was easy for us.


A trialmember left our team:

red-arrow-images-101634We have also decided to kick Romania “VeNeZuElA” from his Trial. In the beginning he was very active, but then he had some issues with his PC and went inactive, but not a problem so far. But in the past few weeks he played not a single war with us, prefered to play with his romanian friends and was very rarely on our TS and some Members also think that you dont fit in our Team. I also got some messages from the community that you hacked in the past. Goodluck finding another Clan!


To the other applicants who are waiting for a decision, you re not forgotten!

A little update to our Recruitment: We are currently looking for skilled players from EUROPE, to avoid english-, time-, and pingproblems during wars. Exceptions are possible, but dont be suprised if your application got declined instantly!


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